Personal Finance Starts at Home

Examining one’s personal financial situation can sometimes be a painful process. Budgeting, saving, planning, and insuring against worse case scenarios are just a few of the processes one must design. However, personal finance encompasses more than just financial matters. It involves a lifestyle change that can positively impact one’s day to day monthly expenditures. The [...]

You Must Feed Your Piggybank!

Saving money is a great idea! It is just like losing weight is a great idea! Feeding all the hungry is a great idea! Savings the whales is a great idea! Nobody will argue with the above assertions. However, implementing these ideas is where the rub comes into play. Great ideas often have exceedingly difficult [...]

Shoe String Budgets Saving Money Blog

Welcome to the Shoe String Budgets Saving Money Blog! My name is Jason Ritter and it is my pleasure to welcome you to my new personal finance blog. The main purpose of my financial blog is to write about personal finance topics that can help you make better decisions regarding budgeting and saving money. Not [...]